motion design

With 5+ years of experience placing keyframes and perfecting easing curves, I can animate in 2D or 3D and create a wide range of styles.



I have a solid foundation in 2D animation, especially the workflow between Illustrator & After Effects. I've created numerous motion studies for mobile apps as well as animated narrative videos (explainer videos, promotions, advertisements). Crafting seamless transitions and creating visual complements to audio are some of my strengths as an animator.

Moving into 3D, I primarily work in Cinema 4D paired with Octane and I have experience compositing 3D assets into 2D footage. Physics simulations and procedural animation is where I've been focusing much of my time recently, and I'm looking forward to learning more about Houdini to dive into this further.

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motion design reel




A personal project created as a visual experiment and as a submission to an Earth Day art show put on by my sister, Rachel Becker.

rise of superintelligence


Personal project exploring the promises and pitfalls of superintelligence through kinetic typography.

Shortform Experiments


Small side projects and explorations. Above - experimenting with some 3D scan data.

Exploring different presentations for Timelapse footage

A 15 sec spot for a conceptual music video TV channel

Simulating the fabric of time with Cinema 4D's cloth simulation and timelapse footage. R&D for a larger project


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