I specialize in experimental video, timelapse / hyperlapse, music video, and drone videography.



With the rise of immersive technologies like VR & AR, there has been some question of the relevance of traditional 2D video. However, the accessibility and language of this medium makes it possibly the most powerful medium for quickly conveying ideas.

My video work leans towards experimental, but I'm well-versed in event videography and have directed numerous music videos and motion graphic pieces. I'm also open to licensing my footage for your project - I have a growing library of 4K timelapses and HD footage to draw from.

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video reel


Silt & Sky


A love letter to my hometown, this piece showcases the textures and vistas of Western Colorado.

breaking bad title sequence


A longer-form rework of the Breaking Bad opening sequence using hyperlapse footage from Utah, archival desert footage, Cinema 4D renders, and recorded Grand Theft Auto V gameplay.

play it forward 2017


This community soccer tournament takes place every year in honor of Emily Johnson and all proceeds benefit local students. I shot this video synopsis to document the feel of the tournament and promote its future.


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