digital designer passionate about emerging tech, motion, and 3D

I'm currently...


designing stuff and biking



My work is fueled by constant curiosity. I'm interested in experimenting with new styles, techniques, and technology - currently obsessed with combining photogrammetry, VR, and film.

Originally from Colorado, I grew up running around in the mountains with my camera. I've traded the open deserts of Western Colorado for the lush forests encircling Seattle. You can find me hiking in the North Cascades or processing photos & brushing up on Unity at home.

currently learning about


  • VR Prototyping / Development
  • Unity animation principles
  • Photogrammetry optimization [ZBrush + XNormal]
  • C# Scripting for Unity

interested in learning about


  • Music production in Ableton or other DAWs
  • Sculpting in ZBrush or Oculus Medium
  • WebVR / Three.js
  • Houdini's simulation toolset
  • Lottie workflow



Freelance2018 - Present

Motion Graphics / Videography / 3D interaction / 3D animation / UI Design / UX Design / Web Development

Microsoft2016 - 2018 [1.5yrs]

Visual / Motion Designer

Designed UI, motion studies, 3D prototypes, & vision videos for 3D experiences.

Fell Swoop2015 [3mos]

Design Intern

Worked for large clients with tight deadlines. Produced motion studies, promo materials, and project proposals.

AS Publicity Center2013 - 2016 [3yrs]

Designer + Lead Designer

Provided creative direction and design assistance to staff and worked with clients to produce 50+ multi-format promos



Western Washington University2012 - 2016

Design BFA

A multidisciplinary design program with a focus on UX and hands on workshops from Instrument, Civilization, & Blink-UX.



Motion Design
Video Production
3D Rendering
UI / UX Design
VR Design / Development
Web Development

references available upon request


selected work

motion design